Palm Beach Tan

The Client

Palm Beach Tan is an indoor tanning franchise that has been providing the ultimate tanning experience, both UV and sunless, to those who believe that a healthy-looking tan is an essential part of a positive self-image. Palm Beach Tan has been the nationally recognized market leader in the indoor tanning market for over 20 years.

The Challenge

As the premier indoor UV and sunless tanning salon in the nation with hundreds of locations nationwide, Palm Beach Tan had a significant email subscriber database. My challenge was to help Palm Beach Tan improve the email response rate of their existing customers.

The Solution

  • Improve their email sending IP address rating.
  • Implement FCC CAN SPAM and email marketing best practices.
  • Scrub inactive subscribers from the email marketing database.


  • Improved email deliverability to over 98%.
  • Reduced email bounces by 15%.
  • Improved email open rates by 12.85%.
  • Improved email Click Through Rate (CTR) by 19.6%.