I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the most talented people in the world at some of the greatest companies in the world. My colleagues have inspired me, supported me and collaborated with me. Together we’ve always left things better than we found them. Thank you to all of my co-workers, teammates and direct reports. Below are some kind words that others have said about me.


Irina Kabigting
I had the privilege of working with Collin during my time at Webs. To say that Collin is passionate about SEO and is vested in the success of the organization he works for would be an understatement. Collin is always thinking of ways he can make a direct contribution to the overall success of the organization. He actively stays on top of the latest industry developments and is eager to share his knowledge with others. Collin isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves to get the job done or train others to assist. It was a pleasure working with Collin, and I would jump at the chance to do it again.
Kathy McGovern
He's an energetic, enthusiastic team player focused on making a difference. Collin and I worked together at Webs. He was a key player in our SEO and paid search efforts. He made a positive impact on both the and brands that he managed. I would enthusiastically recommend him and if I needed to hire a paid search/SEO expert, he'd be my first call.
Phillip Fass
Collin is one of the few colleagues I have had that is so passionate about his job and his skill set that he routinely goes way beyond what is required to get the job done. I had the pleasure to work alongside Collin and see firsthand the dedication he has for his job. He is very knowledgeable about his areas of expertise and I would highly recommend him for any position of leadership.
Jefferson Pezzella
I've known and worked with Collin for the past 5 years. I'm constantly impressed with his determination to exceed at any job or task that he's given. He will never settle for "second best" and will always work 110% to reach your goals not matter how challenging they may seem. To say that I highly recommend him is an understatement.
James Vineburgh
Collin is a highly skilled and versatile online marketing professional. He is extremely knowledgeable, easy to work with, and an asset to his clients. I recommend him without reservation.
Suparno Chadhuri
I was fortunate to work with Collin for a complex search and social marketing project. I found Collin not only extremely knowledgeable in SEO and analytics, he was one of the rarest digital marketing professionals who keep themselves continuously updated and educated with the changing landscape of search engine marketing. His deep understanding of business requirements and outstanding skills in aligning keywords and content strategy helps make projects profitable by bringing in measurable improvement in qualified prospects and converting them into customers. I would love to work with him again in the future.
Photo of Jennifer Fox
Jennifer Fox
Working with Collin has been much more than a favorable experience. His keen knack and impressive attention to detail make him an important member to any team. Always on the ball and one of the most dedicated people I've had the pleasure to work with. Even in the most intense situations, Collin was able to effectively tackle problems and arrive at an agreeable solution. His positive attitude and commanding presence are only trumped by his knowledge and work ethic to accomplish way beyond any task sent his way. Extremely proactive and passionate about his career, I would want to work with him again if I get the chance.
Vanessa Zeiher-Kaya
Collin brings a wealth of knowledge about digital marketing. He speaks articulately and confidently about digital marketing and is very insightful, helpful and approachable when it comes to overall digital strategies, and the tactics required to achieve those strategies. Collin is very willing to share his knowledge and I have had the opportunity to learn a lot from him.
Jim Gilmartin
We’ve found Collin to be by far one of the best digital specialists we’ve encountered. He is very knowledgeable, articulate and very customer oriented. Collin is smart and is very practical in his approach to digital marketing. He has a high standard of professional ethics, behavior and work activities as he supports clients. If you want to get the best thinking for your digital marketing Collin is your man!
Corey Templeman
I worked with Collin on SEO strategy for an up-and-coming service line. Collin was a great strategic partner to work with for a number of reason. Collin’s understanding of our business line was excellent. He was always attributing any recommended tactics back to our business goals and made sure that any strategy fit within those parameters. He was also very timely and knowledgable of any new trends within the industry, which in turn made our SEO stance the most comprehensive. I would definitely recommend working with Collin should your company need a detailed SEO strategy.
Photo of Jay Ward
Jay Ward
As Collin’s teammate, it was a great pleasure to work with someone with so much depth, persistence and patience. Collin has a deep understanding of the entire scope of digital marketing. Whether it was social media or SEO, Collin always added valuable insight to achieve strategic digital marketing objectives. When I came on-board at FaceTime Strategy, I had little experience as an E-mail Marketing Specialist beyond the concepts of my education. With Collin’s careful guidance I quickly grasped the fundamentals of FaceTime’s email applications. His persistence and patience lead me to gain new responsibilities at a blistering rate. His ability as a teacher rated among my top tier of experiences. Being in a small agency setting, the need for immaculate organization and dexterity is multiplied. Before my arrival and after my departure at FaceTime, Collin assumed two roles at the agency. Not only did he solve problems for clients from a digital perspective, but he functioned as an email workshop for all of the agency’s e-mail activities.