6 Keys to Boosting Your Profit With Sales Letters

Regardless of whether or not your product is sold online, using benefit-driven copywriting is your greatest ally in increasing revenue and improving conversions.

In today’s world, sales is a dirty word and no one likes to be sold. We’re independent creatures with our own minds and free will. The last thing we want is some schmuck in a suit telling us what to buy.

Over-hyped headlines, too-good-to-be-true promises and generic pitches all reek of scams, schemes and fraud. People want facts and they want proof. If you can’t back up your words, then you’ve wasted their time and yours.

You’d probably have better luck selling your product door to door dressed as a clown versus using the shady marketing tactics above. In either case, no one will ever take you seriously.

Okay, so what makes a good sales letter?

A good sales letter is unassuming, unobtrusive and appeals to your prospects’ desires.

To guarantee your phone endlessly rings off the hook and that your website is flooded with more traffic than you can handle, make sure these 6 key elements are covered in your sales letter:

  • Place an attention grabbing headline at the beginning of your sales letter.
  • Describe your prospects’ exact problems and frustrations better than they can.
  • Tell your prospects exactly how your product uniquely solves their problem(s).
  • Give your prospects excellent reasons why they should buy your product.
  • Furnish proof of others who have successfully used your product along with their results.
  • Provide a titanic-sized guarantee that makes purchasing your product seem like a no-brainer.

If you do these things, you’ll be sure not only to capture your market’s attention, but increase your sales many times over.

Keep your eyes peeled for part 3 of this series where you discover how one small tweak can net your business a king’s ransom.

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