How to Make Your Product Offer More Effective

Sometimes the best ways to capture the attention of prospects are the ones most overlooked.

Today, we’re talking about the way you offer your product(s).

Spotting an offer that was put together with effort and care is pretty easy.

Usually the product is of high quality, it’s priced right, it’s presented well and is often backed with a guarantee.

A great offer has the ability to make skilled tire kickers retire their cleats, shove chronic fence sitters off their perch and move nervous Nellies to action.

But sometimes a standard offer isn’t enough, which is why you have to make your offer irresistable. But how?

Infomercials, though embarassingly cheesy, boast some of the highest conversion rates in all of advertising. Why? Because they’re awesome at getting people to take action. Good infomercials sell the results of using the product, back up their claims with real life testimonials and create additional value by offering two-for-one deals or other freebies.

Here are three proven ways to consistently break through buying resistance:

  • Offer your product on an in-home, RISK FREE basis and allow your prospect to return your product within 30 days for a full, hassle free refund if they’re not satisfied.
  • Offer a hybrid double-your-money-back, risk-free guarantee.
  • Let people know that the freebies are theirs to keep even if they request a refund.

Regardless of whether your campaign is an email, direct mail or paid search campaign, these results-getting techniques work well over and over again.

I realize that you may already know these techniques or may be apprehensive about using them. The best way to convince yourself (and increase profits at the same time) is to test. Using today’s tools, it shouldn’t take much time or effort to set up a website experiment.

If you really want to see your sales skyrocket, be unconventional. Offer a 60-day or 90-day money back guarantee. No, let’s get really crazy! How about a 6-month or 12-month guarantee?!

In my own experience, I’ve noticed that as my offer improves so do my sales and my refund rate drops.

Why is that?

Offering a bold guarantee demonstrates to your prospects that you wholeheartedly believe in your product, so much in fact that you stand behind it by putting your money where your mouth is.

Believe me when I tell you that people don’t want to use your refund policy. They want to buy a solid product and not have to worry about the hassle of returns and refunds, but just in case something happens, they want to be protected.

So, when should you begin testing? Now.

How often should you test? At least a couple times per month.

If you commit to regularly tweaking and testing, then eventually you’ll end up with a more effective product offer that prospects will be less likely to refuse.

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