Welcome to my humble, online abode. It isn’t much, but it’s home.

In lieu of meeting you face-to-face, I’ve put together this page so that you can get to know me a little better.

Collin the Marketer

Over six years ago, I made the scariest and most important decision of my life, making the leap from information technology to online marketing.

Looking back it was a crazy move, but at the time I was unhappy, unfulfilled and living a life I didn’t enjoy. Things had to change. The transition wasn’t easy and landing my first job was hard, but eventually my hard work paid off.

Shortly after moving to the DC area from the midwest, I did a short stint at an agency which pushed me to personal limits I didn’t know existed and tested my resolve. Ten months was about all I could hack before I made the jump to working in-house.

I’ve worked for and with some of the biggest brands you know, including VeriSign, The World Bank, Tuesday Morning, Palm Beach Tan, Silver Mine Subs and others.

Today, I manage SEO for the largest small business marketing and branding company in the world.

Here are a few things that I’m working on:
– Launching the first of three side projects
– Learning and earning badges on Codecademy
– Learning and earning badges on Duolingo

Collin the Consultant

In June 2009, I left my “safe” job as a Technical Analyst at one of the top three banks in the nation. Why? My life felt stuck. I was working a soul-sucking job at a place where no one cared about me or knew my name. Each night after work, I would drown my sorrows in video games until the wee hours of the morning.

I reached a pivotal point in my life where I was either going to stay the course and accept the crappy life that I fashioned for myself or man up and blaze my own path. I decided it was time for a change.

In 2007, I read a now famous direct marketing quote which sparked my passion for marketing.

Instead of taking the traditional route, like formal schooling or finding an entry-level marketing job, I began freelancing.

Seven years later and I’ve worked with startups, remote companies and businesses from the U.S. to Brazil, U.K. to Mexico, Canada and Estonia. These businesses have sold everything from upholstery services to pet products, mold remediation services, fitness software, real estate coaching and job listings.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Managed the re-launch of a real estate investor course at 5.5x the original price point and moved five-figures worth of product in 24 hours.
  • Built a customer database of 9,486 subscribers in seven days, selling $7,000 worth of pet care products using just one email.
  • Launched a sales letter for a subscription job listing service that resulted in a 17.5% boost in conversions.

You can learn more about the results of my clients by reading their case studies.

Collin the Showrunner

School was never my thing. After getting my high school diploma, I chose to educate myself versus pursuing a college degree. In the beginning, finding jobs was a struggle, that is until I began experimenting.

Now I work for one of the most recognized brands in the world and receive a flood of job offers each week. How do I do it?

In 2016, I will be launching a website called JobHackr that helps talented, but relatively invisible, job seekers stand out during their search like a Jedi at a Stormtrooper party.

You’ll be able to follow me as I dive head first into the world where job searching, marketing and technology intersect and show you how to land nearly any job with or without a degree.

You can get free access to guides, videos, interviews and other content before launch and get notified when the site goes live.

When I’m not busy championing SEO, you can find me trying not to kill myself kitesurfing, proving that I’ve still got it on the basketball court or tearing up the asphalt on my Kona Dew road bike.


You can get in touch with me on Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+.